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David Teancum Fagan was born in 1976, in the Fort Hood Army Hospital in Killeen, Texas where his father Vernon Fagan Jr. was stationed. David is the oldest of six kids, with five younger sisters. Although David’s family made a few significant moves as a kid, including a short time being stationed in what was once West Germany, David mostly grew up in various small towns in Oregon.

David left high school in the fall of his 11th grade year, opting for a GED and eventually moving out on his own when he was 17. He later went to some college classes at the University of Phoenix, paid for or reimbursed by his employer at the time, Wells Fargo Bank. Although he didn’t graduate from Harvard, he also took courses there as part of a program for CEO’s. David firmly believes in customizing an education and that traditional schooling isn’t for everyone.

After two failed engagements, David married Jill Packard in the late 90’s, and together they have nine children but are raising eight due to one full term baby passing away during birth in January 2006. Jill has been pregnant nine times for nine months each, or about seven full years of the first 15 years they were together.

When David and Jill met, David had just passed the tests necessary to become an officer for the Phoenix Police Department. During the slow hiring process, David took a job at a bank and ended up being there for almost five years.

Since 1994, David has almost always been involved in sales and marketing. And since 2002, David has almost always worked for himself. His jobs and businesses have involved banking and real estate mostly until about 2007, when he reinvented himself in the world of business development, marketing, and publicity helping others grow their businesses.

Although David was mostly raised in Oregon, he believes he really found himself, started his family, and developed his talents while living in Arizona for roughly 12 years. Other than a lifestyle experiment of living in the Northwest on a 10 acre farm, he has most recently lived in Southern California.

Currently David and his family live in Laguna, California two miles from Dana Point Harbor where he keeps his sailboat. His family has moved a lot to accept opportunities and try out new adventures. David’s kids rarely have gone to the same school for more than two years in a row.

Today, David T. Fagan is best known as a Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur as the Icon Builder with his marketing and PR company based out of Beverly Hills, CA. He was the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing that sold over 23 million books in 62 languages all over the world. He’s also the former owner of LCO Communications that has represented 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Winners, and 43 New York Times Best Sellers.

David owns Icon Builder Media, is a guest lecturer at UCLA, and has been recently featured in Fox & Friends, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Today Show, Fox’s the Five, Neil Cavuto, The Doctors Show, ABC’s 20/20, Investor’s Business Daily, Yahoo! News, The Wrap, and the Los Angeles Business Journal, and many more media outlets.

David is an International Speaker in places as far away as Bangladesh and Australia. David has shared the stage with Former Secretary of Defense Dr. Bob Gates, Mark Victor Hansen, Dan Kennedy, Harry Dent, and John Assaraf to name a few.

David loves to sail, play basketball, coach his kids, and bicycle.

David also has a passion for training Teen Entrepreneurs and for a movement he calls Guerrilla Parenting: How to Raise an Entrepreneur, which is his next book coming in 2015.

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